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Axis Academy began from a student home ministry at the University of Wisconsin.  It has been primarily a family-run operation of the Hollys since its original inception, but our hope is that it not remain that way.  We want to see it grow, and include many others, both attendees and teachers alike. 

Teacher | Author | Designer

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Daniel Athas Holly

A native Wisconsinite and science-fictioneer, Daniel Athas Holly grew up in the country in rural Milton, reading copious amounts of Jules Verne. A traditional fellow, Daniel has a love for family, timepieces, cartography, hats, messenger bags, and classical literature.  He went to college for writing and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University.  He taught writing, logic, and moral argument at  the University of Wisconsin for seven years and works as founder of Axis Academy and works as the Family Pastor at Living Word Fellowship, their home church in Whitewater.  He writes young adult science fiction when he's not building furniture or 3D printing.

Although not a direct member of Axis Academy, this ministry would be nothing without Daniel's beloved Elizabeth managing their home.  Elizabeth likewise grew up Wisconsin in Lake Mills, and worked for years in the food service industry (especially coffee) until becoming a full-time mom in 2018.  She is a lover of legacy, of generational faith and reclamation of classical womanhood.  She runs hospitality out of their house, serves in their church, homeschools the Holly girls in the Classical Conversations program, and manages the chaotic Holly Homestead.  She raises chickens with her daughters and keeps Daniel in line when needed.  Elizabeth is a crusader for homeschooling and for the ability of the common mother to raise and educate her own children.


Elizabeth Anne Holly

Homesteader | Homemaker | Helpmeet

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-Elder Board-

We are an Elder-led organization, as we believe that no believer should work entirely on his own, and a church structure can work well for other forms of ministry.  Daniel is accountable not only by his direct elder board, but by his fellow Elders at his home church of Living Word Fellowship.

Missionary | Engineer | Designer

Lifelong missionary and fellow-laborer in the ministry, Mark Olson has worked in the field from orphanages to youth groups to missions training and leadership committees.  He has been a longtime supporter of our mission and endeavors to reach a generation for the glory of God, and remains a trusted advisor and initial member of our board.


Mark Olson

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