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-Because reading is like thinking-

Stories are how we transmit our values, our virtues, and our hopeful valor to generations that come after us.  Writing is like thinking.  The process of both is nearly the same, so in an apologetics ministry, writing is an essential element of our process.  After all, God wrote the Bible through the Holy Ghost in the lives of men.  Axis Press exists as not only a vehicle by which we create and distribute written material and books related to our ministry as a whole, but also as a way of offering good stories to our readership.  The background of Axis is in fiction, and our Church needs great stories to pass on the Torch of Why to another generation. 

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Questions?  Comments?  Want to book an in-person class, retreat, or speaking engagement?  Want to request educational material?  Well, by George, friend, contact us! 

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How You Can Support Our Mission

Axis Apologetics exists for the future, to equip fathers, mothers, and believers to train up a generation to reclaim home, traditional family, and reforge generational faiths. We believe in marriage, in family, and in raising children with a total Biblical worldview, armed with the tools, the intellect, and the steadfast faith to hold their ground against the tide of secularism.  We could not do what we do without the generous support of fellow believers, and through them, the Lord sustains this mission. If you believe in what we do, and feel so led, consider contributing to our mission.

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