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Moral Combat

Intended Age: Young Adults & Up

We are surrounded by moral proclamations every day, from what is or isn't a "right" to issues of the sanctity of life to judgments about western history.  This course takes you through how moral claims are made, what they're based on, how to engage with them, and how to make them effectively.  

An Occident Waiting to Happen

Intended Age: Young Adults

This is a course for young men on the Biblical design of adventure, discovery, and headship.  It examines the classical Hero's Journey from a Scriptural view, and explores the virtue of a once-traditional life.  For young men, it is a model of Biblical manhood, and for young ladies, a model of what to look for.

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The three following courses are components of a single series on the utopian roots of what Jesus called the "broad way" that "leadeth to destruction," and how occult history has impacted world religions from before the flood to post-modern times.

II: Strangers in Paradise

Intended Age: Young Adults & Up

Continuing the historical overview, This course covers the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods, in particular the utopian social and political ideas that drove what would eventually become Marxist regimes and State education.  Learn about the rise of 20th Century shifts that began in the centuries prior.

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I: Gods of Our Fathers

Intended Age: Young Adults & Up

This course is a historical overview of the roots of various religions in comparison to the Genesis accounts of the antedeluvian (pre-flood) and early post-flood world.  Giants and angels and prophets all help us see links that produce the two roads through history: worship the Lord, or worship ourselves.

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III: Fields of the Fatherless

Intended Age: Young Adults & Up

This course is a historical overview of the post-Darwin world from a Biblical perspective.  If you want to understand how and why secular culture has progressed the way it has into today, and know how to face it, this is for you.  Course overs everything from the globalist rise to the Sexual Revolution, and more.

More courses are in the planning phase,
and we are open to developing requests.

Axis Apologetics is here to meet the needs of the believer in a post-modern generation.

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