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-For your non-carnal armament needs-

The following written resources are free for your edification.  They contain not only our own research, but draw from the research of others, as well.  Most of these were the product of personal requests to help believers grapple with these questions, or direct witnessing correspondence with men or women struggling with them.  In many ways, Axis began here.  Friends and students would reach out for help, and as a writer and researcher, this was my method.  Over the years, we would print copy after copy of these as people needed.  They were originally written to be relatively quick replies, and are not comprehensive.  I do update them now and then, and will announce when updates happen.  I do take requests, but these take time.  The approach is to simplify the issue and address the root assumption(s) or questions that undergird the bigger challenge to Scripture.  We hope you find them useful, whether believer or skeptic.

Christian Theology: A Brief Summary

This essay was a requested distillation of the four components of basic Christian theology:






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The Reliability
of Scripture

This letter was one of the most commonly-requested topics I have received.  It is still a work in progress, as are many of these, and continually develops over time.  It answers why I believe the Bible to be different than any other "holy" book and why I believe it to be inerrant.


How Could a Loving God Send us to Hell?

This was a written response to a struggling on-the-fence believer who grappled with an issue all the way back in Sunday School as a child, and is one of the most common and difficult questions we have encountered in apologetics ministry.

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How Could a Man Walk on Water?

This essay was part of a much longer letter in response to a young woman's hardest questions about the reliability of Scripture, specifically the argument of a man walking on water.  The essays addresses primarily the logic of the claim being made by the Bible vs. the assumed claim.


How Could Men Live to Be 900?

This was part of a much longer letter in response to a young woman's hardest questions about the reliability of Scripture.  It is, admittedly, somewhat speculative without the presence of evidence from the time, but focuses on plausibility.

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Sumer vs.

This essay was a requested exploration of the Bible being stolen from Sumerian texts.  This is only a overview and does not explore all facets of this issue (updates coming, in other words).  It does not yet address the Sumerian King's List, but is the beginning of a larger project early in my apologetics career.


Bible Versions:
Many Words of God?

This essay was a requested (and personal) exploration on the history of, and outcome of all of the various Bible versions today.  As a student of language and someone who recognizes that formal education can teach many errors, this was a crucial study for me, and one that resulted in replacing most of the Bibles in our home.

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