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Ways to Support This Ministry
-Options for Your Life-

The best way to support us is to purchase our books, one of our courses, or a membership to Axis Academy, not to mention recommending us to your church or Bible study or others in your circle, but if you feel led and wish to support us directly, we have a payment mortal set up for regular or one-time donations.  You can also donate via check to the address at the bottom of this page.  

Purchase a Course

Whether you want to become more adept at apologetics or need a curriculum for your youth group, we have classes for your ministry needs.  You can view them on our Learning page.

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Become a Member

You can purchase an Axis curriculum individually, but we also offer memberships for access to more of our material, plus exclusive content.  We always endeavor to offer our material as best fits your needs.

Donate Directly

If you believe in our mission, and if you feel led to do so, please donate what you can.  You can give a one-time offering or monthly support.  The more people back us, the more full-time we can reclaim a generation.

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Order Our Books

Daniel's books, stories, illustrations, and even 3D-print models are all available for purchase, so check out our various shops and ways you can not only support us, but spruce up your home/bookshelves/person doing it! 

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